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24-05-24 > 25-05-2024 | Brain-be 2.0

International and interdisciplinary scientific conference
Overcoming Obstacles to Climate Change Mitigation: a cross-cutting approach by human and social sciences

This conference is an opportunity to present the results of the international 202CM project and provides a space for the presentation of other research projects - in the humanities and social sciences - on the effort to mitigate climate change and manage its inevitable effects. The presentations will focus on analysing the obstacles and disincentives to action and change in favour of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and finding ways and means of combating these obstacles.
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till 02-06-24 | KBR

James Ensor. Inspired by Brussels

Ensor and Ostend. They are inextricably linked. But did you know that Brussels played a crucial role in how Ensor developed as an artist too? In the exhibition “James Ensor. Inspired by Brussels”, you will discover how the city helped to shape Ensor’s quirky and characteristic visual language. From 22 February 2024 till 2 June 2024, dive into the imaginary world of one of the greatest Belgian artists. Discover paintings and graphical work in a place where Ensor was often to be found during his Brussels years: the Palace of Charles of Lorraine. This exhibition is a collaboration by KBR and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and displays well-known works on canvas, as well as hidden treasures on paper.
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Till 21-07-24 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts

100 Years of International Surrealism

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are inaugurating IMAGINE!, an extraordinary international touring exhibition conceived in close collaboration with the Centre Pompidou (Paris).
An immersion in surrealist poetry, dream, the labyrinth, metamorphosis, the unknown and the subconscious, led by the great names of surrealists, from Max Ernst to Giorgio de Chirico, , not forgetting Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Jane Graverol, Dorothea Tanning, Man Ray, Leonor Fini, etc.
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till 25-08-24 | Museum of Natural Sciences

GIANTS: a BIG opportunity to feel small

Smilodon, Paraceratherium, Megatherium… They all roamed the earth after the dinosaurs. Do you know about them?
66 million years ago, an asteroid impact caused the extinction of a vast number of animal species like dinosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaurs. Providing an opportunity for a few small animals that had until then lived in the shadow of the giants! They diversified, and some grew in size, sometimes even to gigantic proportions.
GIANTS will take you on a journey back in time, from the Paleogene to the Quaternary. Meet eleven animals of spectacular proportions such as Otodus megalodon, the most powerful shark to ever have lived, and Gigantopithecus blacki, the Asian monkey as big as three orang-utans.

till 29-09-24 | AFRICAMUSEUM

ReThinking Collections

How do we trace the origins of collections? How do we view such origins today? And what should become of these collections, within and beyond the museum’s walls?
ReThinking Collections is a new temporary exhibition on provenance research. Most of the collections in the AfricaMuseum were acquired during the colonial era, in what is now the DR Congo. Provenance research and the related matter of restitution are attracting more attention in current social and political debate.
The exhibition shows the sometimes complex realities of provenance research. It presents varied and occasionally surprising collections, without sidestepping questions related to this contested heritage. The museum also explores new perspectives and future approaches to colonial collections.
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Virtual exhibitions

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

The RMFAB invite themselves into your home! Discover here, alone or with the whole family, everything you need for a virtual journey through art history.
> Museum@ Home

Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

KIK-IRPA offers you the opportunity to discover all the works of Jan Van Eyck in high resolution, as well as a collection of more than 700,000 photos of Belgium's cultural heritage in free access.
BALaT, our online database
Discover the œuvre of Jan Van Eyck online

Royal Museums for Art and History

The KMKG-MRAH invites you to explore its collections.
Masterpieces online

Museum of Musical Instruments (MIM)
Take a look and discover the richness we would like to share with you from behind your screen
> A virtual visit to the MIM

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Explore the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences from your couch!

Visit the halls in 3D on Google Art & Culture and stroll through our gallery Living Planet .
Listen to podcasts/audioguides of the Dinosaur Gallery .
Access our virtual collections .
Go on field trips with our scientists via our YouTube channel.


The importance of digitising museum collections became even more apparent during the closure of museums due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Museum collections in 2D+ and 3D
Cast your eyes over a series of 27 collections on various themes relating to history and cultural anthropology.
Spotlight on the collections
Join us as we walk around the labs, offices and archives of the Royal Museum for Central Africa to meet the scientists who work here.
AfricaMuseum Podcast


Toutes les ressources électroniques et les collections numérisées de KBR consultables à distance.
Liste de toutes les ressources électroniques

Alle e-bronnen en gedigitaliseerde collecties van KBR nu van thuis uit raadpleegbaar
Lijst met alle beschikbare e-bronnen

DIGIT the Digitization Programme of the Belgian Science Policy

Preserving Belgium's rich cultural and scientific heritage and disclosing those valuable assets for researchers and the general public is important.
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